What is the first thing that anyone will see when they visit your home? Your home’s exterior, obviously. A little fresh paint can go a long way in improving how beautiful your home can look. By painting the exterior of your home, you can brighten up and revive the look of your home, and also add some curb appeal.

Exterior pain not only has the ability to give your property an updated look, it can also help to increase the over-all value of your home, and can also keep your neighbors pretty happy. It is important, however, to consider a few factors when it comes to choosing the right color and color scheme.

Location, Location, Location!

White is considered to be an appropriate color for any house, in any location, universally. If your home is located in a sunnier area, brighter colors are an appropriate choice. Maybe you have a beach-front home, in which case you may consider sandy or clear-water colors. Are there a lot of trees or perhaps some sort of wooded area near our home? Beiges, browns, and brighter shades of green can be quite decorative.

Consider the Neighborhood, and the Neighbors
While cheerful and suited to more urbanized areas, eye-catching colors might not be the absolute best choice for the exterior of your home. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your home to be the most beautiful home on the block, but it can be difficult when your home is the only one that really stands-out. You may want to consider choosing a color that fits in with the exterior of the rest of the neighborhood. However, you can still add some bold color to help draw attention to your home for the trim of the home and other focal points, such as your front door.

Although it is certainly possible to paint the exterior of your home yourself, why not leave the job to talented experts? If you are considering painting your home’s exterior, contact your trusted local contractor, Ross Brothers. To discuss all the options available to you for any and all of your painting needs in Broward County call 954-281-4099 or in Palm Beach County 561-203-3399.


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