When it comes to painting the entirety of the outside of your home, it can certainly be a big job. There are so many factors to consider when you decide to paint. When you make the decision, you must then consider what color or colors you wish to paint, as well as considering any possible problems that can occur while you paint.

Some people might think that painting is no more than just taking a brush or a paint roller, and going to town applying paint to a surface. It might not exactly be the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy, but there definitely is an art associated with painting. If you don’t know exactly just what you are doing, or how to do it properly, there are many problems that can commonly occur. If the surface of your home is too dirty, it is possible for the paint to peel. Paint also has the ability to not adhere to the layer of paint below it, and will shrink into individualized islands, which can cause what is referred to as “Alligatoring.” Painting, when not done properly, can also blister, wrinkle, or chalk. Running sags can also occur because of applying the paint improperly, like using too much paint on the brush or roller.

When it comes to painting the outside of your home, there is a lot of prep work that may have to be done before you can even begin the actual painting. The possibilities of scraping, sanding, and/or priming the outside of your home to make it ready for the new paint you desire for your house. It can be very time consuming, and can be labor intensive.

If and when it is time for you to paint the outside of your home, save yourself the time and effort. Give a call to some experts to do it for you. Experts such as your local and trusted contractor with over 27 years of experience, Ross Brothers. Give them a call to discuss all the options available to you for any and all of your painting needs; in Broward County call 954-281-4099 or in Palm Beach County 561-203-3399. You won’t be disappointed!

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