Are you interested in touching up the look of your home’s exterior through the use of paint? Great idea! Perhaps you’re not quite sure exactly what color palette would be best for your home. Maybe you simply need some ideas in order to find inspiration of your own. Here are a few of the top exterior paint colors of 2014.

  1. Consider a combination of a darker color for the body of your home, with a bright shade of green for the trim.
  2. Another option is a patina type of look. Try a neutral beige color for the body of your home, with a light, pale blue for the trim. Add a darker blue-green hue to add a color-pop on doors and window shutters.
  3. Keep the look of your home clean, natural, and harmonious. Try a tone-on-tone look. A neutral shade such as a khaki-type of color will work well for the body, with a slightly different khaki shade for the trim.
  4. If you have a beach-front home, or wish to have a home that is inspired by the look of homes along the coast, consider painting both the body and trim of your home with a very soft and neutral beige tone, or a slightly off-white shade, and use a lighter but brighter shade of blue for shutters and doors.
  5. Earthy colors always seem to be in style. Consider a greenish khaki color for the body of the house, a clean and brighter white color for the trim, and a browner-hued purple color for front doors and shutters.
  6. A more natural and warm scheme can be achieved with the use of a light, buttery yellow color for a home’s body, and a red clay or lighter red brick color for trim.
  7. A monochromatic scheme is both very beautiful and very much in style. Consider painting both the exterior body and trim of your home with a richer beige color.
  8. Cream shades can be beautiful, and an earthy limestone shade for a pop of color. Choose a deeper cream color for your homes body, and opt for a more classic white for use on your home’s trim. The limestone shade will mesh perfectly for your front door and your shutters.

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