There might be no way possible to literally make a small room in your home physically larger or bigger. However, there are legitimate ways to give the appearance of being bigger. Choosing the right paint colors for your small room can be one such way to accomplish this effect. Lighter and brighter paint colors, like those of creams, whites, or paler neutrals, are considered the best options when the goal is giving the appearance of the room being larger. These are not the only colors that an individual can or even has to use. In fact, many individuals might feel that such a limited pallet is exceptionally boring; so consider the following interior paint possibilities for a small room.

Deep Colors Achieve Great Results

The ability to blow the boundaries imposed by a smaller space can be achieved by using deeper colors all over the room. The walls and ceiling, as well as any shelves or cabinets, can all be painted deeper colors like a Mediterranean blue to open up and unify a space. You can even take it further, and find carpet in the same shade or tone to match.

Super White or Deep Gray

While we previously addressed the issue of shades of white and other neutral colors (like gray) can be considered as boring by some, there are even exceptions to that. A super bright, almost “screaming” shade of white has an ability to reflect light very well, in such a way that a room is really able to open up and appear larger. A dark, rich neutral color like a deep gray can be great in helping to balance out the crispness and brightness offered by a super white shade, and make a room look and feel just so inviting, it is quite possible to forget exactly how small the room is.

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