If you’re faced with a small room, perhaps it might not be feasible to actually make the room physically larger or bigger. However, you can certainly do something that will give the appearance of the room being bigger. One such way to accomplish this is by painting your small room. By now, it is certainly no greatly-kept secret that certain colors and painting methods have the ability to either make a room feel larger and more open, or to make it look even smaller and closed off.

More often than not, it is believed that lighter and brighter colors (such as whites, creams, or other pale neutrals) are the best color options when trying to give the appearance of a larger room. While light colors like those certainly do help to achieve the desired illusion of space, they are not the only colors a person can use to achieve this affect. There are other colors (some arguably less “boring” than white) that you can use.

Deep Mediterranean Blue

Using a deep color, like a Mediterranean blue, all over the room can really help to unify an entire space, and have the effect of really blowing out any boundaries that might be imposed by a smaller space. Use it on all the walls, on the cabinets, the moldings, and the ceiling… Even the floor (try finding a carpet to put in the room with the same shade or tone)!

Super White
Yes, we’re back to white again. White just has an ability to reflect light so well, that it almost feels like the walls go away, or blend in to an even further background, really opening up a room and making a small space appear to be larger.

Deep Gray
One might think that a darker color, such as a deep gray, would make a room look smaller than what it is. Often, it is recommended that you use a darker color when you are purposely trying to make a room look smaller, and not so intimidating and large. However, a great deep gray flannel type of color- particularly in a high gloss finish to help reflect light- can be breathtaking when paired with a very crisp white color for moldings and furnishings. It can also really make the space feel “owned”, and help people forget just how small a room actually might be.

Depth Perception
Using colors schemes such as a deep blue, which can really help to create an element of depth in a room, and then pairing it with a warmer green color can help to hide the fact that a room is tinier than you actually like.

No matter what paint colors you decide to choose in an effort to enlarge a small room, take the hassle out of doing it yourself- complete with the mess and fuss, and the time and work- by contacting your local and trusted contractor, Ross Brothers. At Ross Brothers we have 27 years of experience so you can be sure to receive help with any and all of your painting needs. In Broward County call 954-281-4099 or in Palm Beach County 561-203-3399.

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