You want your home to be a comfortable place for both you and your family to enjoy. When you are a parent, that includes wanting your tween- or teenaged son(s) to feel at home in their bedroom as well. The tastes and interests of tweens and teens waxes and wanes so quickly, you’re likely to want something that they will be happy with for quite a number of years. Preferably until the day they go off to college, and their room can be converted into the Man Cave or Home Office or Arts and Crafts room you always wanted.

Finding inspiration for the interior painting of a teenager’s room is certainly a dauntless task. Where, exactly, does the balance between what’s cool and what you find acceptable meet the intersection of what they’ll actually like for an extended period of time. Finding inspiration can be difficult, but we may have some ideas.

No matter how you slice it, teenage boys always want to seem as though they are somehow edgy and cool. Try a black and white color scheme within their room. Particularly in rooms that are rectangular shaped, consider the possibility of painting two opposite facing walls the same (either white, or black), one of the adjacent walls the opposite black or white respectively, and consider an accent wall that is a black-and-white checkerboard pattern. With a cool loft style bed, a neat desk, and a customized closet that looks like a locker (with lots of storage space and drawer space neatly tucked inside), their room can last them for many years, with possibly just small changes through decorations and knick-knacks utilized to keep up with their ever changing tastes and trends.

To make this inspirational idea a reality in your teen aged son’s room, or if you need assistance in finding both the right inspiration and the right name for the job, contact us at Ross Brothers today by calling 954-281-7944.

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