When determining the overall style and feel of your home, you may possibly have a million and one ideas about exactly what you want all the way down to the small, fine details. However, if you are a homeowner who has children, you can understand that they can be the most difficult to please critics. Sure, it may be quite easy to decide on the interior painting choices for a room in your custom home when the occupant of said bedroom is a small infant, or a child who hasn’t learned yet to be insistent and persistent in what they want. As children get older, the input they have on what their room will look like (aside from their preferred version of clothes and toys scattered everywhere, so that it can easily be located by them if and when they want the item) will begin to hold a bit more bearing. Deciding what to do for an interior painting scheme for the room of a child can be quite difficult. If you are looking for inspiration, allow us to help.

For a boy’s room between the ages of 3 and 10, why not make a bold decision? Go ahead; let them have their green bedroom walls. Choose a solid, bold shade of green, and paint the entirety of the walls. Break up the intensity by adding accents with perfectly neutral colors. For instance, a sheet of dry erase marker board can be mounted on the surface of one of their walls, and you can add decorative flair by framing it with some wood border painted either white or black. Little kids will love the novelty and the fun of actually having a wall no one will get angry about if they decide to draw on it; and as the kids grow, it becomes a cooler place to leave messages and reminders.

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