When it comes to residential interior painting, most people might become quite overwhelmed just trying to decide on a color or a color scheme. However, just imagine: once you’ve settled on the colors that will be absolutely perfect for your interior painting project, you get bombarded with having to pick an option for sheen for the paint.

When it comes to the finish type of paint, there are essentially five different choices. And, believe it or not, the type of finish can sometimes have an effect on the color! This process doesn’t have to be as stressful as you would think, however. Here is a guide that will assist you with knowing exactly what type of paint finish you should use for every room in your home.

High- or Semi-Gloss Finishes in Kitchens

Since it tends to be rather durable, and is also pretty easy to clean; a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish is an ideal choice for your home’s kitchen.

Better Coverage of Imperfections with Eggshell Finishes

The dining room of your home is a room that you will want to look flawless, and be impressive. After all, when the Jones’s come over for a dinner party, you want to make sure that the room you’re entertaining them in (your dining room) really wow’s. Eggshell finish is great for being able to cover large surface areas, especially if there might be a lot of imperfections. It’s less durable and as such not as easy to clean, but it might be just the right option for you.

Cloth Couches and Satin Finish Walls In The Family/Living Room

With the ability to stand up to high traffic (such as the possibility of young children who have a knack for allowing their hands and fingers to find and touch the walls), and an ability to be cleaned easily, satin finish paint is a great option to use in your home’s living or family room. You might also consider it in the use of a playroom or recreational room, as well.

Flat or Matte When You’re Lying On Your Back

Bedrooms should typically be painted with either a flat or matte finish.

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