Interior painting is a possible element that you will have to consider when it comes to your custom kitchen. It is important to remember that paint has the ability to change the entire atmosphere of a room. You have likely spent a good amount of time planning out every last detail of your custom kitchen, including the style of cabinets you want to use, the materials that you want, and the placement of counters, islands, appliances, and more. After all that work, you want to make sure that you don’t end up undoing everything by selecting a paint color or scheme for the interior paint that will clash with the look and feel you were hoping to go for!

Consider what feel you are hoping to achieve in your custom kitchen. If the kitchen has been designed to be a space where people feel invited to be able to sit and relax while meals are prepared and shared, you might want to consider color scheme that has a light and airy feel to it. Softer shades of white, such as a cream or eggshell, can give an open and airy feel to a kitchen, and are neutral enough to be able to match almost any material. If you are trying to invoke a bold look to your kitchen that mirrors your desire to be brave and creative in your culinary creations, rich colors like red can be a flattering look.

The paint colors you choose will have a significant effect on your kitchen. If you need assistance, consider calling Ross Brothers at  (954) 281-4099 to discuss designing your custom kitchen, as well as for assistance in choosing the appropriate paint and color schemes to match.

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