It can be quite frustrating having a room in your home that has so much potential, but is just far too dark. Perhaps it is because of a poor design that included (or failed to include) windows that fail to let in optimal lighting. Perhaps the size of the space really called for more windows than what were actually installed. Maybe a natural light source is entirely lacking altogether. No matter what the reason for the dark room, interior design and paint strategies exist that can either optimize the natural light that is available, or even brighten the room without needing the help of windows.

Interior Paint to Choose and Use to Brighten a Room

The biggest difference that you might be able to make in brightening up a room is the choice to use interior paint. If you wish to make a room feel airier, brighter, and also possibly larger, it is suggested that avoiding dark color paints can go a long way in achieving this goal.

Avoiding dark colors doesn’t mean that the paint choice must automatically default to that of white. While white painted rooms can be quite lovely and appropriate in some circumstances, many people feel that the option of white lacks elements of fun. There exist many choices that provide a happy medium between dark color options, and white. Natural, light colors that are warm and unique, but also have the ability of reflecting and amplifying light rather than soaking it up.

Strategic Design

The inclusion of decorations with reflective properties can also help to create the illusion of more space and light in a room, as well as making the room feel larger. This is the magic of strategic design. Another element of strategic design includes other fun and cool design options. For instance, purchasing a mirror and building a frame around it is a custom and fun project that can be beautiful, practical, and fun.

Making the Most of What You Have

Perhaps the dark room may be working with a single overhead light that provides a pool of illumination in one area, but leaves far too many dark areas and corners. A solution to consider is including track lighting into the room’s lighting scheme. The track lighting option can allow you to direct light to the areas that need it the most, and spread the light evenly about the room.

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