You can ask almost any parent or individual who has experience with children, and they will most likely all agree that sometimes the toughest critics to please are that of children. When it comes to sprucing up a room through interior painting, this can be especially true. Choosing a color scheme or decorating motif for a child’s bedroom may be quite easy when they are extremely young (i.e., newborns or very young toddlers). However, once they develop bigger and bigger personalities, and become aware of their own likes, dislikes, and opinions, the task of choosing how to improve a space for a child becomes a lot more difficult.

Part of the problem is that children tend to grow up quite quickly, and their tastes change just as fast. While it might be conceivably possible to change out the colors in their room as quickly as they can change their mind, most would agree that it simply isn’t practical… Many parents might also be hesitant to allow their child to think about the long-term, and choose a color or colors for their bedroom walls that will grow with them for at least a couple years or so without the need to paint and repaint on an annual basis. Also, while a young child might be very happy with an electric or neon green color for a year or two, they may later on down the line decide that they no longer like the color green in any shade at all; they may even grow to hate the color and insist that their favorite color is and always has been blue.

The key to choosing a pallet for a child’s room that can transform it from just “nice” to “absolutely fantastic” is to think about the long-term. Choose a scheme that is age appropriate for the age they are at the time of the interior painting to plus five years from now. If a child enjoys the colors blue and yellow, opt for softer shades where those colors are mainly hues that are picked up in subtle ways in the paint, and accentuate those color choices through the use of accessories to decorate the room instead.

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