When little, many girls may dream of a beautiful pink room fit for a princess. Little girls grow up to big girls, however, and the interest in playing dress up and tea parties all too quickly gets replaced with a love of fashion, makeup, and slumber parties. When trying to find the inspiration for delivering the perfectly cool bedroom for your tween or teen daughter, allow us to paint for you a vision of bedroom opulence fit for any sophisticated young lady.

Bolder colors with a sharp white can give a very cool look. Whether you decide to paint the walls in a shade of royal purple or hot pink, and incorporate enough bright white in all the trim work, or if you decide to keep it clean and simple with stark white walls and accents that pop with color and vibrancy, we can help you to achieve it. Also consider that while it isn’t anyway uncool to admit that once upon a time your little girl couldn’t get enough stuffed animals. It’s a whole different story, however, to give any indication that might expose the secret that Mr. Snuggles the Bear still finds his way into bed each night for security and comfort. Consider the addition of a custom shelving unit that can store the timeline of “cherished collected items” that display the journey that has been traveled from mere girlhood playing in tutus, to the budding woman that exists now on the verge of taking the world by storm.

Here at Ross Brothers, we can help you with both the interior painting and the custom shelving, to ensure that the job is done right and with the utmost care. If you are still looking for inspiration, we can help you find that too! No matter what the size of the job, we can handle it when you call us today at 954-281-7944.

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