Interior painting has long been one of the most popular and cost effective methods of really sprucing up any room of a homeowner’s house. With so many individuals with such personal and unique senses of style and taste, many paint manufacturers have over the past caught up and adapted to this fact by creating ways to be able to offer a wide variety of color options that are sure to suite anyone’s tastes and desires. The technology now exists to be able to create and mix paint that can match truly any color a person is capable of imagining. Previously, what many individuals may have done to find the exact shade or hue they are looking for to paint their walls, they would bring in an example of the color, and try by sight to match it as closely as possible against a wall of paint chips or color cards. Now, however, homeowners are able to take the eyeballing guesswork out of the process by bringing in an example of the color and relying on the use of a spectrophotometer to match it almost perfectly.

A Spectro-what?

While a spectrophotometer sounds like it might possibly be some sort of device Scotty from the U.S.S. Enterprise might have used in StarTrek, let us assure you it is in fact a real gadget that is likely available just around the corner from you at your local paint or hardware store; or even in larger Box Retailers (like Home Depot or Lowe’s). A spectrophotometer is a shoebox sized device that connects to a computer. It then takes a reading of the wavelength of light that the object has reflected off of it, to be able to measure the color electronically. Pretty neat, right? The color becomes electronically matched based on the calculation of the various pigments and their amounts that will be required to be able to match the color. It actually works similar to how color photos would be printed and the colors necessary to print the photo will be measured and determined- without the need of actually printing anything out. Instead, it creates what is referred to as a prescription; which is, essentially, the recipe that will be used when it comes time to mix up the base of the paint and add the color pigments that will achieve that exact color.

When it comes to choosing the color paint for your interior painting project, the sky (including the very color of the sky!) really is the limit to what you can do. After you choose the color you want, make sure the interior painting project is done by professionals who are experienced and experts at making sure the job is done properly. After all, your favorite color in the world might not look too great on your walls if the job is done too sloppily or messy. Let Ross Brothers be that professional for you; call them today at 866-804-9750.

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