When it comes to the options available for painting the interior walls of a home, the two main types of paint are latex-based or oil-based. Since the cleanup is relatively easy, needing only plain soap and water, latex-based paints have long been a popular choice. Their easy cleanup makes it a popular selling point for individuals seeking to take charge of the job themselves; becoming the weekend do-it-yourselfers. However, there are a number of performance advantages to using latex paints today that are quite significant.


Latex paint adheres to the majority of substrates. They also tend to offer elasticity that is better than oil-based paints.

Retention of Color

Latex paint is able to withstand and resist fading and chalking, even when it is exposed to the sun.

Application Ease

Less brush drag is needed since it tends to glide on in a smoother and more even manner.

Ability to Resist Mildew

While latex paint is already less likely to grow mildew than its oil-based counterpart, the addition of mildewcide additives to the paint can further discourage the growth of mildew. This is part of what can help it keep its appearance looking fresher for longer.

How Versatile It Is

Almost any surface you can think of, latex paint can more than likely be used on it.

Paint Odor

There tends to be little odor inherent in latex paint options. Certain paints may even be able to boast an advantage of having almost no odor at all.

Time to Dry

On average, latex paint can take anywhere from one to six hours to dry, which makes it possible to recoat quicker.

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