The idea of, literally, watching paint dry can be as dull and boring as it sounds. Perhaps you’re planning on applying multiple layers of paint, and need to know how long- on average- you will need to wait before applying the next layer; or maybe you are waiting to be able to give children the signal that it’s all clear and safe for them to return to a room that has been freshly painted (without having to worry about the possibility of them touching the wet paint upon the walls and ruining the job). Whatever you’re planning, knowing how long it takes for paint to completely dry is a great and important thing to know. Here is a quick guide on the different types of paint and the standard “full-dry” time they require.

Latex Paint

The most typically utilized paint option for interior walls of a home is that of latex paint. Latex paints differ from their oil-based counterparts in their composition, their odor, and the time it takes to dry completely. When a quick dry-time is necessary, latex paint is the go-to standard in meeting that requirement. When used in interior spaces, latex paint will typically be dry to the touch inside of an hour. To be entirely sure, however, it may be recommended that you wait slightly longer than that before you apply the next coat. However, the best results are achieved by waiting at least four hours in between each application.

Oil-Based Paint

While they are known for their rich shades and imperviousness to wear and tear, oil-based paints can take substantially longer to dry than latex. A wall painted with oil-based paint will not typically feel dry to the touch for at least eight hours after application. When using oil-based paints, it is best to wait a minimum of 24 hours before applying an additional layer.

Contributing Factors

The rate at which paint will dry can be affected by a few different variables. For instance, the humidity level of a home during the hotter and sticker months of summer can be a component that adds a significant amount of time needed for paint to dry. To mitigate a factor such as this, it would be suggested to close the windows of a home, and turning on the air conditioner and a de-humidifier to help speed up the process of paint drying. Another method that can be used to accelerate the rate at which paint can dry is good ventilation and airflow.

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