Interior Painting

Interior painting is by far one of the best ways to freshen up a single room or the entire home. Starting an interior painting project can be both thrilling and exhilarating but if you don’t have the appropriate equipment or experience, it can easily turn into a time consuming task with a lot of splattered paint. If you are tired of looking at a dull room and need a specialized company that provides quality interior painting and offers a no mess guarantee, call Ross Brothers today. Ross Brothers can transform your room or entire house with a whole new look that will reveal your style and personality. If you are interested in a professional interior painting job and would like to receive a free, written estimate, call Ross Brothers today at 954-246-0883 in Broward, or 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.

Ross Brothers is backed by over 20 years of experience providing professional interior painting in South Florida. Whether it’s a new wall color or an entire fresh coat of paint for the interior of your home or business, Ross Brothers has the expertise to renovate any interior space into a work of art. In order to make any paint project a success the right amount of time has to be devoted to proper preparation procedures. Before the beginning of an interior paint job, we will make sure to remove or cover all furniture and fixtures from the work area. Ross Brothers will use plastic sheeting and drop cloths to protect your floors and belongings from getting any dust, debris or paint spills on them. Later, we will completely clean the walls being painted by scraping, sanding, patching and filling every hole, crack and surface imperfection. We go a few steps further by sealing all window seals and door trims will be accurately caulked and sealed.

Ross Brothers makes it mandatory to use a primer on all walls and ceilings before applying any paint. Using a dedicated primer will improve paint adhesion, prolong paint life and help eliminate any future peeling or blistering. Ross Brothers has advanced knowledge to help you select the correct paint and finish for a particular room or area. Depending on the room or area being painted, the sheens that are usually used are gloss, semi gloss, eggshell, flat/matte and satin. We have an almost limitless selection of colors available to satisfy the most demanding and selective clients. Regardless of the color you choose, one thing Ross Brothers will never compromise or consider optional, is choosing top quality interior paint. High quality interior paint provides exceptional coverage, it lasts longer and helps protect the surface from fading and moisture. Following these steps helps us attain the modern, fresh look you want, while delivering fast, clean and even coverage that will last for many years.

Ross Brothers has the right tools and uses modern painting techniques to make your home or office come alive while making your painting experience as stress-free as possible. We have a deep understanding of this industry and will give advice on how interior painting can add a measurement of excitement, curiosity and charm to any room. Once the interior painting project is finished you will be left with a powerful decorating renovation that will reflect your distinctive personality and provide an immediate style update your friends, guests and family will enjoy. Call us today at 954-246-0883 in Broward, or 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County for more information or a free estimate on interior painting and don’t forget to ask about our 100% no mess guarantee.