Children generally love to draw. Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that- sometimes- this love can’t be contained to just sketchpads and coloring books. Sometimes, our little darlings like to take to the walls to create their masterpieces.

Far be it from us to stifle the creativity of a budding Picasso! However, maybe a compromise should be reached. A great idea to both solve the parental dilemma of not wanting happy stick figures gracing every inch of the walls in a home, while still allowing Little Miss Modern Monet the joy of art, is to have a chalkboard wall in the child’s bedroom. Chalkboard paint allows for any wall to be easily transformed into a functional (and erasable) chalkboard. The chalkboard paint applies quite easily to any wall (or any other smooth surface, including plastic, wood, glass, and metal).

A chalkboard wall need not be limited to just a child’s bedroom. Use it in a playroom as well. Jazz up your living room, and hang wood panels painted with chalkboard paint to create and use as chic word art to fill in that space behind the sofa. Paint the door of your fridge with chalkboard paint, and give new meaning to displaying your child’s artwork on the refrigerator (also comes in handy to be able to write items you are out of as a reminder for grocery shopping). A chalkboard backsplash can be bold, beautiful, and functional; write out a recipe on the wall to have right in front of you, to avoid having to lean over a cookbook while trying to make dinner (grease splatters can be easily wiped away- along with the recipe when you’re done- with just a wet rag).

Chalkboard walls can definitely put the “fun” in “functional”! Need help? Contacting us at Ross Brothers, your local trusted contractor with 27 years of experience and the ability to deliver quality can make your whimsical dreams a delightful reality! Contact us today at 954-281-4099 in Broward County or 561-203-3399 in Palm Beach County.

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