It is important that you know how to pick your exterior paint color(s) when you are ready to repaint your home or make your new home feel like yours. Choosing exactly what colors will grace the exterior of your home can be fun and exciting. No matter the trends in exterior home paint which today appear to be leaning towards basics and simplicity, so your individualized taste be compromised. It is your home and that means it is your choice of color(s) no matter the trends.

The choice of a color can be fun but many feel confused and intimidated at the task. The task is made easier by following a few simple considerations that can make easy to find colors and schemes that will be very well suited for your home. Taking into consideration the geographic location of your home, a gentle but determined push for a tasteful but dramatic presentation, and the appreciation and complimenting of your home’s particular architectural style, you can blend these aspects together when you consider colors.

Consider whites, for example, which always seem to be in style and popular but sometimes lack the ability to really dress up the entire body of a home, and might be better as the trim color against more attention grabbing and darker colors. Colors can be chosen that will point out and accentuate the design or unique architecture of a house. A pretty and peaceful sage color can be beautiful for a bungalow type of home. Trim work in colors like purple, deep blue, or even gold can complete the look. A home with the relaxed Spanish villa look is best dressed in more casual and earthy tones. Living in the southern part of the country, like here in Florida, cheery peach, sea foam green, ocean blue and yellow colors are always classic and classy.

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