If you are ready to transform the look of your home look no further then a coat of paint. It will not only enhance the appearance of your home it will help protect it from the harsh weather elements that are ever present in South Florida, including harsh sunlight, UV rays, rain, and high humidity. Fortunately for local residents Ross Brothers offers exterior house painting as one of our premier and highly-sought services!


No matter if you have just bought a home and are moving in or you are about to sell your home a new coat of paint or stain adds tremendous appeal. It can help make this newly bought property the home of your dreams. If selling your home is now your goal, a new coat of paint will boost its curb appeal and can greatly increase the value of the property. No matter the reason for a fresh coat of exterior paint. In South Florida we get our fair share of direct sunlight as well as thunderstorms and heavy rain, all of which cause wear and tear to your home. A new coat of paint helps to seal and protect your home from these elements.


Professional exterior painting by professionals like Rodd Brothers stars with the proper preparation of the home’s exterior. Prep work is an important aspect of any paint job, but it is vitally important for a long lasting and durable exterior paint job.

  • Wash: The surface to be painted must be clean and free of all foreign materials like dirt, grime and mildew. This is accomplished by a through washing of the surface.
  • Scrape and Sand: The surface is now clean so the next step is to scrape and sand off all old paint that has blistered and peeled. If this is an older home where lead-based paint may be present, additional care is taken by professions. The surrounding area around the home’s exterior like plants and landscape need to be covered with drop cloths, and flecks of scraped paint need to be collected in order to best protect the environment and your home’s surroundings.
  • Caulk: The preparation process now must turn to trim areas around windows and doors that have gaps. They need to be filled and or calked.
  • Prime:  The surface is now ready for  primer which will not only seal the surface, but will also provide the best possible surface for the your new paint job to adhere to for a long lasting fresh new look.

Quality Exterior House Paint

The prep work having been completed the house is now ready for fresh coats of premium acrylic paint, in any color you may desire. While color is important for your personal enjoyment and appeal you must also select the right type of paint that will provide the optimal level of protection for you home. Sometimes it best to allow the professionals like those at Ross Brothers determine the type of paint as they are knowledgeable of  paint technology that continues to advance, and familiar with products that are continuously being developed to be more durable, fade-resistant, and environmentally responsible. For example, Ross Brothers use only the latest technology and highest quality in exterior house paint, which include all the following features: elastomeric coatings, developed to withstand shrinking and expanding while maintaining its adhesion antimicrobial paint formulated to prevent mildew growth, UV-spectrum protection, fade resistance, and color retention technology, for the best possible color durability.

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