Did you know that different colors can have a profound dramatic effect on you and your family? To explain; painting walls is not merely a matter of aesthetics that are meant to be pleasing to the eye but can also utilize colors to create and enhance desired moods referred to as “color psychology” which can have a profound and dramatic effect on you and your family’s emotional well-being.

If you want encourage or stimulate conversation using warm tones, such as yellows, reds, or oranges, as well as earthy tones like brown and beige, can work to get the words flowing. This is a much more subtle and much less expensive way to stimulate conversation then displaying interesting or thought provoking pieces of art in your living room or foyer.

The kitchen is an ideal place to feast your eyes as you prepare to feed your stomach. Use colors such as red and yellow to stimulate appetite and get friends and family hungry and excited about what you are preparing in the kitchen. It should be noted here that if you are watching your weight or dieting, it is believed that red can actually, if only subtly, prompt you to eat more. If you want people to think you are really a better cook then you are red is known to be a great choice for dining rooms.

Everyone in the family needs the calm of a sanctuary to relax in. If your sanctuary is the bedroom is typically where you go to unwind and relax you want cool colors, like lavenders, greens, and blues, which are great color options to achieve the desired effect. If you need a more pronounced calming effect try darker hues.

Green is a terrific pick for home offices because productivity is the perfect management of time, and time is money. It is also associated with concentration and being able to concentrate can make you more productive, and being productive can translate into dollars and cents.

A great local painting contractor, such as Ross Brothers help you to achieve whatever mood (or moods) you desire in your home. If you would like further information about feel good paint colors and how to choose them you are invited to contact Ross Brothers at 954-256-1840.

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