There are many important decisions to be made when choosing the right painting company for your painting project. You want to have the best people for every aspect of the job from painters with the  right skills and who while working on your project employ proper safety measures while applying right techniques to achieve your desired paint results. An additional consideration in your choice is realizing the painters you hire will not only be working on your home but in your home, so you want a company whose workers you can trust and who you know will take good care of your home for the duration of the project. A company meeting those standards is Ross Brothers.

You want to use a contractor that understands the importance of having the best people for the job, and knowing that they are  painters that are not only capable but  are committed to providing you with an unsurpassed level of service and the highest standard of care. You want a company like Ross Brothers because of our commitment to quality including but not limited to employing only the best people to work on our teams. We interview many applicants each month, but are highly selective of who we ask to join our company. Each of our technicians receives extensive training. New employees take part in our rigorous training program, which covers everything from proper brush technique, to ladder safety, as well as how to correctly apply each type of paint onto almost any type of surface. Even when we hire painters with previous experience we ask that they take part in our training program in order to ensure that their skills match our standard of quality. Our training covers everything a painting technician needs to know, including the following:

  • Basic skills such as how to use brushes and rollers of all kinds, how to sand and scrape and otherwise “prep” a house, how to paint trim and roll paint onto walls, and the types and features of all paint, stains, and surfaces
  • Specialty skills such as faux finishing techniques and cabinet refinishing
  • Safe operation of all tools and machinery, including paint sprayers and specialty tools
  • Safety procedures and protocol, including the maneuvering of tall ladders and heavy machinery
  • Customer service skills and how to deliver the highest standard of care and service

In addition to being extensively trained, our technicians spend time practicing their skills before taking part in professional painting projects – we want to make sure they are absolutely ready to be on one of our painting teams!

In South Florida we have a unique situation with our hot humid weather that must be taken into consideration in every job we undertake so then in addition to mastering the right techniques and skills, as well as putting in the hours of practice; painters in South Florida must be able to keep up with the climate. In South Florida we more than our share of sunny days and intense heat and that require exterior house painters who know how to safely work in these extreme conditions.

We have discussed here how to identify the right company for your painting project
The simple solution for the paint job you are planning is to hire a profession painting contractor like Ross Brothers. We know it takes intensive training and a lot of practice to be a good painter, and that’s exactly what we require of each member of our company. We’ve got the right equipment, the perfect paint, and the best possible team for your painting project, whether it’s staining your deck, refinishing your kitchen cabinets, or changing the color of your home’s exterior and always remember good painters are hard to find.

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