The use of an accent wall has many different advantages including creating a beautiful, unique, and striking design element in any room. An accent wall can help in creating a color flow. Using the same color finishes, accessories and fabrics on an accent wall will help create a seamless transition from space to space.

The Right Color
Choosing the right color for your accent wall is important to make the space work for you. A good idea is to pick a color from a pillow or an accessory in the room you are looking to paint, or perhaps a color from your favorite piece of artwork in the room, and use that as your inspiration. Use that particular color to paint the accent wall, and then find colors that compliment that one well for the rest of the walls.

Create a Subtle Contrast
The space you are dealing with may be better suited with an accent wall that is more gentle, subtlety painted, using a deeper version of the color that you have chosen for the other walls in the space  you are working with. The subtle difference can go a long way in being “just enough” in breaking up what can be monotony in an entirely single-colored space.

Make a Bold Statement
Too much bold can be overpowering so you might want to go bold on the accent wall but paint the remaining walls in a more neutral scheme.  A splash of vibrancy can do wonders for livening up a space.

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